Design Research

Seelogics can help you better understand your end users to improve your existing products, operations and services through user needs and user experience research.


IT Consultancy

Seelogics conducts an annual survey of chief audit executives, as well as their internal audit directors, managers, and other professionals, to determine how they perceive their present capabilities, ..


Usability Testing

The most secured web applications are those that are developed initially with security in mind. Seelogics specialists follow a holistic approach to designing, building and supporting secure web applications..



Seelogics is also a full-service consulting agency for eCommerce Consultation & Development. We are one of Africa’s prominent eCommerce solution provider powering small to big projects ..


Our Expertise

Seelogics is recognized as the development leader in Software Consultancy and Development. Our solutions deployed on our customers place is used by numerous individual clients and more than 20 MNCs. Built on the cutting edge technologies by world class developers under the guidance and constant monitoring by subject matter expertes our solution respond to litigation discovery requests, perform sensitive data discovery for compliance purposes, conduct speedy and thorough security incident responses. Should you have any questions call Sujan Roy at +1 707 703 5928 (US) or +91 944 414 5928 (IN)

Our Quality

Our way of working together as a team includes habits, traditions, and beliefs. Our positive group culture promotes code ownership, group cooperation, peer learning amd common working hourst. Supporting a positive group culture,make teams typically more self-regulating, creative, effective, and satisfied. We exchange the majority of our ideas by reading and writing code.We preserve our best ideas in clearest, most concise way possible, and ensure that communications are as effective as possible. We also ensure that everyone should feel that they have a stake in maintaining high-quality code.