Our Culture

Our way of working together as a team includes habits, traditions, and beliefs. Our positive group culture promotes code ownership, group cooperation, peer learning amd common working hourst. Supporting a positive group culture,make teams typically more self-regulating, creative, effective, and satisfied. We exchange the majority of our ideas by reading and writing code.We preserve our best ideas in clearest, most concise way possible, and ensure that communications are as effective as possible. We also ensure that everyone should feel that they have a stake in maintaining high-quality code. This prevents group members from doing anything that harms code quality.

Our Methodology

Seelogics's software development methodology makes a clear distinction between the Phases (Definition, Design, Implementation and Verification in that order) and the Stages (timeline) of the project. While all phases can be "active" during all stages of a project, the leading phases are prioritized and accomplished in the early stages, while the trailing phases gain importance at the later stages. Clearly defined checkpoints ensure proper documentation, conformance and traceability. Regular meetings, status reports, proof-of-concept experiments, frequent demos and a closed feedback loop ensure that we avoid unwanted surprises at any stage of development.